Litemint: How Tanzanian artist Owen George was able to sell his NFT within 2 days through Litemint

Owen George is an artist based in Tanzania. Seeing the potential in NFTs, Owen wanted to sell his artwork as NFT’s, but there were few known ways he could setup and sell NFTs from Tanzania until he discovered GetPaid.Africa. An easy way to buy and sell NFTs in Tanzania is using GetPaid. GetPaid offers an option to exchange local currencies to cryptocurrencies. Although this is a story of how Owen was able to sell his first NFT in Tanzania, you can follow the same processes to sell your NFTs from other parts of Africa, like Kenya and Rwanda.

Now lets walkthrough the processes that Owen followed to sell his first NFT in Tanzania “The Spirit Lady” within 2 days after listing it to the marketplace.

1. Create an account t through Getpaid.Africa #

The first thing he created was a Stellar wallet through his GetPaid.Africa account. The wallet exists out of public and private key (keep this one always safe). He then loaded the wallet with XLM, Stellar’s native token. For more info on the wallet and XLM check out our community channel: GetPaid Africa Community

2. Register for Litemint NFT Market #

Then the next thing was to register on Litemint (Litemint is Digital Collectibles and NFT Marketplace built on Stellar blockchain), To register for right mind head to, then click on the wallet icon in the right top, it opens a drawer to connect your wallet. Choose External wallet (advanced) and enter your public key of the Stellar wallet we created above on the first step. Now let’s list the NFT

3. Upload your NFT to the Litemint Market #

Now that the Litemint account is set, create your NFT by clicking on the menu item “Get started” then “Mint token”. It brings you to a screen to upload your artwork with a preview. Upload your file when ready click on next.

NFT in Tanzania

Add a catchy name and description for NFT. Remember good stories sell💸. Set the number of tokens, meaning how many of this NFT you want to create and sell for example setting it to 1 means you want to sell only a single unique NFT. Click next. Step 3 is optional and not required. Click on Next

4. Add a name to your NFT #

NFT in Tanzania

Come up with a token name for your NFT, keep it short, in capital letters, and catchy. Once done, click Publish. Next: Click on the “Sign the transaction” button and a popup appears with a field to enter your secret key of the Stellar wallet. Enter and confirm

5. Share your NFT with the world! #

NFT in Tanzania

Your convenience store is now open! You will receive a link to your NFT. Don’t forget to share your NFT on your social media channels to promote it. Tag us on Twitter at @AfricaGetpaid well, we retweet.

Once your NFT is in the shop🏪, sit and wait for people to buy your NFT masterpiece, they can do a buy offer or choose to set a price yourself for your NFT through the tab “Sell this item”, add an amount and make an offer (Don’t sell your masterpiece cheap😉).

6. You want to start selling NFT in Tanzania 🇹🇿, Rwanda 🇷🇼 or Kenya 🇰🇪? #

In 2 days @owain_george sold his artwork on Litemint as an NFT. Would you like to sell your NFT in Tanzania, Rwanda or Kenya ? GetPaid.Africa makes it possible, we can create you a wallet with XLM.

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