Withdraw from GetPaid wallet using Moneygram

Step 1: Select “Withdraw with Moneygram” under Quick actions

Step 2:You will be required to activate your MoneyGram account by tapping your details on the drawer and hitting the button “Activate Moneygram” at the bottom.

Step 3: Then you will move to the next step where you can select the currency under the Amount, on my case I have chosen USDC and also you can enter the amount in my case I have entered 1

Step 4: Press the next button, and you will be directed to a page with a summary of the transaction you are about to make, once everything is checked with you click the next button and you will be redirected to a MoneyGram checkout page

Step 5: Under the MoneyGram first page you will see a page that contains the country you are withdrawing to, and the amount of money in USDC, if the amount is correct click the “confirm” button to go to the next page

Step 6: Then you will be directed to a page to enter more information, like your name, date of birth, and address, enter your information and press next.

Step 7: Then you will fill in your ID type, ID number and country of issue then press the next button

Step 8: Fill that then you will get a summary of the transaction you are about to make a check if the details are correct and then press the “submit” button

Step 9: You will then be directed to a page with the Reference Number, copy this number and put it safe MoneyGram agents will require it before they hand you the funds

Step 10: Go to any nearby MoneyGram agent with your reference number and ID, they will give you a form to fill in the details and you are ready to pick up your cash

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